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I prefer to develop a strong professional relationship with my clients. It helps me to better understand their circumstances and particular needs, so that I can apply my experience, to develop a plan of action with the goal of minimizing the impact of past and future losses, and to maximize their opportunity to recover and move forward with their life.
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Lou is a North Carolina resident, raised in Fayetteville. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his law degree from Campbell University. From the initial steps of his professional career, he has worked in the courtroom.  He served as an assistant district attorney in Mecklenburg County.  From there, Lou joined a small but growing civil litigation defense firm.  He represented interests of employers and insurance companies throughout the state, defending claims brought by employees and eventually becoming partner in what became a large multi-state firm. Lou then joined a growing statewide firm, to open and manage the Charlotte office, representing the interests of employees in claims against their employers. Lou has expanded his practice to include representation of individuals within estate matters.  This includes providing accessible planning to individuals and family members for the proper distribution of assets- to ensure that beneficiaries are properly cared for and to provide access to necessary services for those who may have special needs.  Within this expanded practice area, Lou employs his litigation experience, assisting individuals concerned about a family member’s ability to manage their own affairs who seek intervention to protect their health and assets from persons who pray on their vulnerability. 

Overall,  Lou has years of  experience representing parties from both sides of conflict- defense and prosecution, in matters involving wide ranging circumstances, complicated financial matters and difficult personal issues. This provides a unique opportunity to appreciate differing perspectives and interests of parties entangled in the litigation process. 

Ideally, the goal is to provide effective planning to minimize the risk of conflict but where there is conflict, Lou will provide a full discussion of all options, carefully weighing the cost and risk against the potential benefits of pursuing litigation, with hopes of securing a workable resolution, avoiding protracted litigation and limiting legal expense.  Of course, there are cases where conflict cannot be resolved despite careful planning and/or the most effective alternative dispute resolution methods. In those cases, litigation is a necessary tool.  At that point, Lou welcomes the opportunity to provide persuasive, yet professional, advocacy for his clients.

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