Injuries at work allow employees to receive a narrow set of benefits- wage loss and medical compensation. 

The workers’ compensation system is intended to provide efficient access to essential benefits with the goal of returning an injured worker to his or her pre-injury capacity- physically, mentally and financially.

The system, at its best, works when the employee, employer and insurance carrier work together to achieve this goal.  Not every injured worker needs an attorney.  If the injury is relatively minor, return to the same position is expected and communication between the parties is professional and productive, there is no need for advocacy- for either party.  

An injury occurring on the job can be an unforeseeable crisis—a physically disabling injury with resulting uncertainties regarding future financial security. Atop the physical pain and recovery, many issues and questions arise. Every injury is unique and workers’ compensation claims can become complicated.

Whether your injury is major or minor and your recovery time is long-term or short-term, the attorneys at Waple & Houk have the experience to support you through your claim, address your concerns, defend your access to benefits and lead you through the complexities of the workers’ compensation system from beginning to end so that you may focus your energy on recovering physically and regaining the overall stability in your life. 

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