Reasonable Expectations

The following is an outline of minimum expectations for the effective management of a workers’ compensation claim. Consider review of your claim if these essential elements of a workers’ comp claim are not met.

Reasonable Expectations for an Accepted Claim: 

Access to Appropriate Medical Treatment - workers should receive prompt authorization of the medical treatment recommended by the authorized treating physician.  In the event of questions surrounding appropriate treatment, injured workers should receive authorization of reasonable requests for a second opinion.

Prompt and Regular Payment of Wage Loss Compensation- workers who are limited by the doctor for injuries related to an accepted work injury and unable to return to work should receive weekly disability compensation.  Disability compensation should be made promptly and regularly, as it is likely the sole source of income to pay rent, utilities and grocery bills.

Communication- The insurance adjuster and employer representative should be responsive to an injured worker’s questions concerning his or her claim- access to medical treatment, payment of disability compensation, or availability of light duty work.

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