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One of the most difficult life events can be going through a separation and subsequent divorce. The concerns seem to be endless. How do I facilitate a separation? What am I entitled to of the marital property? Am I entitled to support from my spouse? How will the bills be paid? These are just a few of the questions that may be presented. You may also have questions concerning custody and support of any minor children. Your questions and concerns are important.

The attorneys at Waple & Houk are committed to helping you understand your legal rights and we will advocate for you and ensure that your rights are protected.

As our client, you are our top priority. We understand that family law requires a listening ear and the ability to address concerns quickly and efficiently. Not only will we work to address all of your concerns in a timely manner, we are committed to engage with you and be accessible for you in order to build a long lasting relationship of trust and loyalty.

Waple & Houk is a firm that strives to be a source of counsel and strength for our clients during life’s most difficult situations.   

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