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Equitable Distribution

In North Carolina, Equitable Distribution statutes reflect the idea that marriage is a partnership enterprise to which both spouses make vital contributions to the economic circumstances of a marriage, whether directly by employment or indirectly. This protects both spouses during a divorce.

Property distribution is often frustrating and complicated for parties going through a divorce. Many people do not realize that debts and assets must be divided between parties through the equitable distribution process. The parties must come to an agreement or secure their claim for Equitable Distribution prior to entry of divorce decree, or a claim for Equitable Distribution could be inadvertently waived. Equitable Distribution is a three-step process: classification of debts and assets, valuation, and distribution.  

Waple & Houk attorneys will guide you through this complex process, by assisting you in gathering the appropriate financial documents from the other party, negotiating an agreement where possible, or advocating on your behalf through the judicial process. 

We understand that one of the most difficult pieces in a divorce is having financial security moving forward. Our attorneys are committed to being available and accessible during this complex process and navigating our clients through the financial decisions that need to be determined. And, should judicial intervention be necessary, we advocate to ensure our clients financial interests are protected.  

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