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Divorce & Separation

In order to file for divorce, North Carolina requires that individuals live separate and apart for one year and one day and must be residents of this State for at least six (6) months. During this period, we work to protect you and provide the guidance needed to make sure you are well informed and empowered through such a difficult time.

North Carolina is a “no fault” divorce state. As a result, unless the divorce is contested, the process of filing and being granted a divorce can be very straightforward. Upon filing and serving the other party, a hearing date is set for a Judge to review the divorce and sign a Judgment of divorce. After a divorce judgment is entered, all of the rights arising out of the marriage, such as alimony and equitable distribution, terminate. It is important for you to seek counsel and understand your rights arising out of your marriage prior to a final divorce Judgment being entered.

Waple & Houk has the experience to advise you of your rights and counsel you on how to move forward during separation.

Whether we are negotiating on your behalf to facilitate a separation agreement between you and your spouse or filing with the court to preserve your rights, we will work to ensure that you are protected and well-informed throughout every step of the process.

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