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Spousal Agreements

Spousal Agreements are a productive way for parties to agree upon matters before, during, or after a marriage. By memorializing family decisions regarding equitable distribution, post-separation support, alimony, child custody, and child support in a legally binding and enforceable document, many of the issues will not have to be battled out in court in front of a judge. In a tumultuous situation, Spousal Agreements keep the decision making control between the parties and often allows for a more amicable end result.

Waple & Houk attorneys are very versed in the governing law of such Spousal Agreements, requisites for the validity of the agreements, and enforceability of the agreements. We work with you throughout the entire process from negotiating on your behalf to document drafting to the signing of the Agreement.

From beginning to end, we make sure that you are advised of your legal rights and assist in making sure those rights are protected. 

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