Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder Law is the planning and advocacy in advance of vulnerability that is associated with aging. Often people focus on the control and distribution of property after they die- the estate plan. However, planning is required to ensure that an elderly person has the tools in place to protect the management of financial assets- ensuring his or her ability to meet regular living expenses and secure access to long-term care. In addition to planning, Elder Law provides advocacy for individuals with compromised mental or physical capacity- to preserve their ability to exercise their rights, protect their assets and generally defend their best interests.

Every situation is unique,  WH will meet with you, listen to your circumstances, identify your priorities and work with you to develop a specific plan of action that meets your individual needs.

Whether this involves preparation of a plan to minimize the risks and uncertainties that come with aging or providing advocacy to protect individuals who are impacted by the often harsh realities that follow incompetency. 

Addressing the consequences of incompetency can be difficult. The answers are less than certain. Life gets in the way. Denial by the individual, family and friends further complicates the ability to appropriately address the issue. As a result, families often do not address the problems that come with incompetency until the issues are unavoidable. WH attorneys understand how to help families in the most distressing circumstances. We understand  that every family has its own unique/exceptional set of challenges.

We are are accessible and can help to regain control over what may feel like a helpless situation.

We will work to create a dialogue and address the problem in a manner that defends the integrity of the individual and minimizes the negative impact on the family unit, while aggressively taking action to protect the best interest of an individual impacted by questions concerning their incompetency.

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