VOTE LOCAL- No. Really.

Written by Lindsey Houk on 10/20/2016

Upon completion of the last night’s last Presidential debate, it seems everyone took to social media and the memes and post wars began.  However, on the first day of early voting, there is something everyone needs to be talking about.  VOTE LOCAL.   Local voting?  What is that?  You mean I have to make a decision past Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?  My answer: YES!!!   And, it is imperative that you are informed and know exactly where to “check the box.”   The one set of boxes on the ballot that the majority of people simply “pick a name” are the boxes holding our local judges. 

There are two judges on the ballot running opposed in Mecklenburg County that need your support when you cast your ballot, Judge Christy Mann, Senior Family Court Judge and Judge David Strickland, Lead Juvenile Court Judge.   

As a practicing family law attorney in Charlotte, I handle cases involving the matters closest to everyone’s heart.  The cases my colleagues and I become advocates for involve marriages, children and, yes, money.  Emotions and stakes are high.  We become advocates, counselors and advisors.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes our cases charge ferociously into litigation.  At that point, you become an advocate on the grand stage and every question, exhibit and argument matters.  No pressure.  Once we present our best evidence and sit down behind the counsel table, the fate of our clients rests in the hands of the Judge.  At that moment, you want someone who has intently listened to both sides and arguments, knows the law and has a genuine care and concern for the people and lives sitting in front of them.   There could not be a more accurate description of Judge Mann and how she operates her courtroom.

Past the viewpoint of an attorney, what about the citizens of Mecklenburg County that cannot afford a lawyer?  Our Judges actually hear far more cases involving litigants that are unrepresented.  Judge Mann’s concern for the families in front of her do not stop with represented parties, it extends to everyone who walks into her courtroom.  Judge Strickland operates his courtroom in the same manner. 

It is without hesitation that I believe Mecklenburg County cannot afford to lose Judge Christy Mann and Judge David Strickland.  Their dedication and commitment to the citizens of Mecklenburg County are unmatched and we need to keep them on the bench. 

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