Strength in Crisis

Written by Lindsey Houk on 11/9/2015

Being an attorney, I am sure I have heard all of the lawyer jokes out there.  My dad has been among the most frequent in relaying the “best and most recent” of the lawyer jokes.  While it can be demanding working in a field where individuals have to place full faith and trust in you, it is a challenge we have accepted and a privilege to be a source of strength for each client.

Throughout our website, there is a common theme, strength.  This term can mean something different to each individual person.  It can also change in its meaning depending on the circumstance.   There is a quiet strength.  Personally, my dad immediately comes to mind.  He is that tower of strength and the backbone providing solidity in times of weakness.  This is the most difficult type of strength to exercise.  It takes character and fortitude.  When our clients come to us in what can be the most devastating times in their lives, this is the strength that allows us to convey our knowledge of the law and facilitate a relationship of mutual trust.  It is on the basis of this understanding that our clients confide in us and know that we are looking out for their best interest and fighting to achieve the results that will allow them to move forward, no matter what circumstance has brought them into our office.  There is also a forceful strength.  There are times when our cases cannot come to a closure without litigation.  At this point, a more intense yet cogent approach must be taken.  In fighting for our clients’ needs and preparing them for litigation, a louder strength with more grit becomes part of our approach. 

It is important to us that every client, despite the distressing and difficult situations that brought them to us, feels that we were an advocate for them either through quiet fortitude or forceful strength.