Marriage and the Super Bowl

Written by Lindsey Houk on 02/11/2016

Sunday night into Monday morning there happened to be a dense cloud over our beautiful city of Charlotte.  After a nearly undefeated season (only one loss!), our Carolina Panthers made their way to San Francisco to play in the ever so publicized Super Bowl! There is not a team that runs onto the Super Bowl field anticipating a loss.  They have thousands of fans in the stadium cheering them on and they know that they are on that field because they have had the season that merited a coveted appearance in the biggest game of the year.

 In a very similar instance, couples do not enter into marriage looking for demise.  Most couples go into their wedding day with the same luster as the large amount of fans cheering for their team at the “Big Game.”  The anticipation to the wedding is felt by all of those surrounding the couple.  Plans are made.  Food is picked out. Entertainment is lined up. Pop the champagne, another couple has made it to the “Big Day.” 

That same energy and anticipation was around Charlotte for weeks and it was contagious! Everyone was sporting his or her Panthers gear and instead of greeting someone with “hello,” it became completely appropriate to dab and keep walking!  All of the hype made many spend thousands of dollars to purchase tickets to the grand event in San Francisco! Many bought their tickets to the game before a single accommodation was made or flight was purchased. As we all know, our beloved Panthers did not win on Sunday.  They returned home feeling rather lost and defeated.  Despite their loss, hundreds of die-hard fans met them at the stadium to celebrate a great season and their return to our wonderful city.  They had to instantly know that they had a city that supports them to the very end and all of the fans are already gearing up for next season!

In the very same spirit, going through a divorce can make you want to exit stage right like our beloved Cam Newton and feel very lost and shaken when you realize it is the end of your marriage.  While the attorneys at Waple & Houk cannot promise you a huge fan base to cheer you on while you work through the legal process after such a devastating loss, we can assure you that you will not walk the road alone.  We will give you the tools you need and help navigate you through the legal process so that you are ready for life’s next season.  #keeppounding