Co-Parenting on “Your Holiday” – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 101

            I read a Facebook post this morning about the difficulty of being a divorced parent on a special holiday.  What I read might shock you.  My friend’s post stated that she woke up rather sad yesterday.  You see, she has this beautiful little boy and he was not with her yesterday. What? Why? It was Mother&rsquo... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 05/14/2018

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram… Oh My

It seems that social media is a common thread that we all share no matter our age, social status, gender or profession.  Long gone are the days where you wake up and walk out the door and grab the morning paper and read while sipping your coffee.  Yes, I am sure there are exceptions to this rule but it is a lost ritual that has been replaced with the morning “scroll” throu... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 08/17/2017

Apartment Living in Charlotte on the Rise

If you are stopped at almost any stoplight in Charlotte and look beside you, you might see construction.  Let’s be honest, it is almost guaranteed.  Your initial thought is, “I wonder what they are building there?” If your first guess is an apartment building, you have a high likelihood of being correct.  Apartments are being built all over the city from South E... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 07/17/2017

VOTE LOCAL- No. Really.

Upon completion of the last night’s last Presidential debate, it seems everyone took to social media and the memes and post wars began.  However, on the first day of early voting, there is something everyone needs to be talking about.  VOTE LOCAL.   Local voting?  What is that?  Y... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 10/20/2016

Valentine’s Day Proposals and Clearance Candy

My paralegal and other attorneys in my office insist on having candy at our front desk constantly.  “It’s for the clients,” they say.  “Everyone loves it,” is also my personal favorite. It is almost as if that candy bowl is a cruel way of torturing me every time I walk by.  However, despite my objection, there is cur... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 02/19/2016

Marriage and the Super Bowl

Sunday night into Monday morning there happened to be a dense cloud over our beautiful city of Charlotte.  After a nearly undefeated season (only one loss!), our Carolina Panthers made their way to San Francisco to play in the ever so publicized Super Bowl! There is not a team that runs onto the Super Bowl field anticipating a loss.  They have thousands of fans in the stadium cheering... Read More »

Written by Lindsey Houk on 02/11/2016

The Conscious Uncoupling Conundrum

Thanks to my friend, Debbie, and a glass of red wine, I learned a new phrase this weekend—conscious uncoupling. If you have heard this phrase before, chances are that your mind immediately goes to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, the celebrity poster couple for conscious uncoupling. During the Super Bowl Halftime Show this weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder if this conscious ... Read More »

Written by Kelly Johnson on 02/9/2016

The Dark Side of Co-Parenting

Inspired by Star Wars, I am. Those who know me realize that I am incapable of encapsulating my excitement for Episode VII, which hits our theaters this month. If you approach me with a spoiler or a theory, be prepared because I will scream, I will plug my ears, and I will run in the other direction. As I count down the days (let’s face it—hours) before I finally get to see St... Read More »

Written by Kelly Johnson on 12/7/2015